Inspired from “food is the ingredients that binds us together”, it is well said that happiness always served at the dining table. The dinner table can act as a unifier, a place of community. Catch up and talk while sharing a good meal with the loved ones, is where people are happy to put aside their work and take time out of their day.

With the spirit to share the multi-diverse exquisite taste to you, We are pleased to announce the launch of our finest food and beverage services, SALT by ICE – Savory and Love on the table.

When you are craving for a fresh and tasteful dish, then SALT by ICE is the right choice. Using only selected premium ingredients and prepared by our professional chef, we have several serving options based on your different needs:

Made to Order
Fresh from our kitchen to your table, we proudly deliver our handcrafted and signature menu to you. Prepared by our professional chefs with perfect ingredients and the highest hygienic standards, each dish is made-to-order to elevate your entire dining experience.

Pre Cooked Meal
We served pre-cooked meals for you and your loved ones who prefer time-saving, convenient, and yet still want to enjoy fresh food. All menus are fully-cooked and already prepped in a hygienic vacuum pack. Just reheat and you are ready to eat in just 3 minutes.

We promise an extensive menu with exquisite taste, using only premium and fresh quality products. Our drop off and full catering service option is available to deliver many varieties of food with high flexibility to cater healthy, fresh, and tasty meals at your place.

We believe that qualities will bring the best out of our product, that is why we put attention to every little detail, including freshness and hygiene, to serve the best version of our signature dishes to you.

To see the full menu, follow us at and made your order at +62 812 9315 6890 or +62 877 8053 2490.