After nearly 2 months, our nation declare global pandemic due to current situation. It is not easy for us. The pandemic has the potential to create significant impact, especially in economic sector.

Giving back to the community that impacted by the pandemic is one of our ways to contribute to the society. In order to embody our #ICEStandWithYou campaign, Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) has donated daily-food necessities to support local movement through a program called Lumbung Pangan Desa Pagedangan. Our contribution as an act of supporting the stability of Pagedangan’s economic growth.

During this pandemic situation, we believe that sharing is caring. We are all in this together and we hope the very best for our country. Let’s all hope that this pandemic will soon be over, for all of us to continue the delayed of our #ICExperience. Let’s do our part by #StayatHome for Indonesia.